UK’s Advertising Standards Authority Pulls Up Online Casino For Promoting Fairytale Themed Games Posted 1 year ago

The online gambling industry in the United Kingdom is growing at a rapid pace as iGaming operators battle it out for market space. The United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission (UKGC) has expressed concern in recent months over the increase in problem gambling stats which have revealed that minors are also engaging in online gambling activities.

The UKGC has increased its efforts to curb problem gambling and has pulled up iGaming operators in recent months for not fully complying with gaming regulations in the country and not doing enough to protect minors for being exposed to gambling.

ASA Pulls Up Online Casino Website 

The latest online casino that has received a stern warning from the UK watchdog is which is run by ProgressPlay. The Advertising Standards Authority had earlier warned the online casino of showcasing fairytale themed games that used cartoon characters popular with minors to promote its online gaming titles.

The three games in question were titled ‘Fairies Forest, Fairytale Legends Hansel and Gretel, and Fairytale Legends Red Riding Hood’. The ASA has rules in place which state that no gambling ads should be promoted that have content appealing to young kids or those below the age of 18.

The ASA released a statement which said “We considered that fairies were highly popular with young children, particularly young girls. Furthermore, we noted that the wolf was heavily stylised with exaggerated facial features and included a long muzzle, big eyes and a prominent nose. We considered that the physical appearance of the wolf resembled similar characters from films and TV programmes aimed at under-18s, particularly children.” 

Campaign For Fairer Gambling Continues

iGaming operators are facing pressure from the ‘Campaign for Fairer Gambling’ who are carefully monitoring online casino websites to see if they are in any form or way breaching online gambling regulations in the United Kingdom.

Fairer Gambling were the ones who filed a complaint against and brought the three games to the attention of the ASA. Fairer Gambling also filed complaints against two other online casinos for promoting games that appealed to children. The two casinos and were promoting six games that had content that appealed to a minor audience. The two websites have taken down all 6 games following the complaint. has responded to the compliant by making sure that these three games can only be accessed after users login to their account. Since does not accept minors, this strategy will ensure that only adults have access to the three games in question.

iGaming operators in the UK and Europe will now have to be a lot more cautious in their advertising to ensure they do not breach any gambling regulations and fully comply with gaming laws in the country.