How will GDPR effect your affiliates? Posted 1 year ago

The “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR) is now here and will forever change the way in which online businesses deal with their customers. Those who are not familiar with GDPR will first need to realise that this is the biggest change that the European Union (EU) has made in the last 20 years with regard to privacy and data protection laws.

Companies were informed about the GDPR roll-out well in advance and have had over a year to make changes to their data protection and privacy laws to ensure that they fully comply with the new GDPR. While these new laws are applicable to companies in the EU, they also hold accountable companies in other countries that provide services to customers in the EU. It is vital for all online businesses to be familiar with the GDPR process in order to run a compliant seamless online business.

Impact On Affiliates

There is no doubt that GDPR will change the way that affiliates operate. Affiliates use a number of websites and blogs to build their e-mail list. Then they promote and advertise a number of products and services from their clients list and make a commission each time someone clicks on their affiliate link and then make a purchase.

GDPR will hinder the way affiliates go about their business as the new laws will force affiliates to comply with new regulations such as ‘right to be forgotten’, double e-mail confirmation for list building and immediately reporting any website (where they collect and store e-mails) breaches to the client.

GDPR Non-Compliance Have Stringent Fines Attached

In the past, it was only the end client who had to ensure that the customers data was protected. Under the new GDPR, affiliates will also have to ensure that they fully comply with GDPR, even if they are outside the EU. Should an affiliate be slack in complying with the new regulations, their EU clients could quickly destroy the relationship as they will be held responsible for their affiliates actions going forward. The maximum penalty for breaching GDPR rules is set at $22 million.

The best way for online businesses and affiliate managers to comply with GDPR is to ensure that all of their privacy and data protection laws are updated. Companies and affiliates should also update their terms and conditions as well as their privacy page to reflect the new GDPR.