How to Find and Retain Affiliates Posted 1 year ago

How to Find and Retain Affiliates

Creating an online marketing business is just the first step of the process. The difficult part is when it comes to promoting your online business and getting thousands of players to visit and register, so that you can start generating profits. For this reason, you need affiliates or online marketing partners who will help them promote and bring in new players.

However, finding and retaining affiliates who can deliver the desired results can be hard work. Most of those who sign up to your affiliate program will not make any money for you. On the other hand, they may cost you money when they demand assistance, stats, customised landing pages and more. In retrospect effective affiliates won’t have any trouble in driving traffic but they will want the highest commission possible.  

If you are trying to find online marketing partners or affiliates for your online business, here are some great tips:

Join an Affiliate Network

An affiliate network is a marketplace that displays hundreds and thousands of products. Networks are better equipped to deal with affiliate fraud, have a huge community of affiliates, and offer customer support to affiliates. This leaves you free to focus on your product without having to worry about affiliate fraud and wasting time explaining the basics to your affiliates.  

Find Affiliates on Facebook

You will find experienced affiliates in Facebook groups. Some of them might be interested in becoming your online marketing partner. If not, they may help you find the affiliates you are looking for.

Design Affiliate Programs for Your Customers

Your customers can be your best affiliates as they have already registered at your online business and are playing your games for real money. Design an affiliate program featuring generous bonuses and commissions and excellent customer support for your customers.

Get in Touch with Top Earners

Get to know some of the top earning affiliates. You will find them at social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. You can interact with them at webinars and affiliate conferences. Since they are the top earners, they can definitely help you find traffic if you get them interested in your business.

Retaining Your Affiliates

Retaining your affiliates is just as important as obtaining them. Keep in touch with your affiliates. Send them emails of appreciation whenever they fetch registered players. Give them a bonus whenever they get you more than two depositing players. Greet them on their birthdays and give them special birthday bonuses. Extend support whenever they need help. Send regular reports of their progress and congratulate them on their success.