Are affiliate conferences worth all the hype? Posted 1 year ago

Are affiliate conferences worth all the hype?

Affiliate conferences take place all over the world and continue to grow both in size and popularity with each passing year. Some of the top affiliate conferences attract thousands of affiliate marketers and also boast a great line-up of speakers who share their thoughts, experiences and strategies concerning the future of online marketing. Some of the top affiliate conferences in the world are Affiliate World Europe, Affiliate Summit West, A4D, LeadsCon, DMEXCO and London Affiliate Conference.

Is it worth attending an affiliate conference?

This is a loaded question and the answer will determine on a number of factors such as; Which affiliate conference are you thinking about attending? Have you been to this particular affiliate conference before? How many affiliate conferences have you attended so far? What exactly are you looking to accomplish by attending this conference? Are you planning to attend the conference alone or with another marketing partner? Do you have to get into debt to attend this affiliate conference?

The answer to all of these questions is important as it factors into the final decision of whether you should attend or not?

What can I expect at an affiliate conference?

It really depends on which affiliate conference you have decided to go to? If we take the London Affiliate Conference as an example, one can expect more than 5,000 marketers to be in attendance. The conference takes place each year at one of the biggest conference spaces in Britain and you will have to spend a lot of time at the convention if you are going to get to see all of the companies and booths that are advertising their products and services.

Most affiliate conferences have a great line-up of speakers who share their market knowledge and provide great insights into affiliate strategies and marketing tips that can help boost your business or affiliate marketing career to a whole new level.

Networking at Affiliate Conferences

One of the main reasons for attending an affiliate conference is to network and build a list of quality contacts. This can be somewhat daunting when you walk into a conference that is packed with thousands of people as it a difficult task to build personal relationships and get one-on-one time, as everything appears to be rushed. However, it takes skill and experience to do this and you will be targeting the right people at the conference, so that you are not wasting time.